4T odors: more than just fragrances!

What comes up most often as comments about 4T products is how good it smells! 


It does smell good! Crazy good even! And yes, I find myself lucky to work all day in this environment full of soft and soothing smells! 


But behind these magical smells, there’s a much more advanced research than a simple olfactory crush. In fact, I don’t choose essences and fragrances only for their olfactory qualities, but mainly for the properties that are specific to each essential oil, plant, flower and vegetable oil used. 


Hours and hours of research are hidden behind each care created, because not only must the properties be those intended, but the raw ingredients must above all be safe for the baby or the breastfeeding mother. They should also be organic, ideally, and locally grown, if possible. Then, the odors of the essential oils must be compatible, and the percentage of dilution of each essential oil used must be respected. You see, we are far from a simple smell… 4T is love in a box, in a bag, in a bottle! 


4T products are designed and developed to offer maximum comfort and to fulfill the real needs of the new mother. 


Here are some superpowers of my favorite essences. And I’m not making it up! You can find all the information on the Aroma-Zone website at the following address: https://www.aroma-zone.com/ (available in French only)



Bergamot without bergapten – used in SLEEP / HAPPY / Lovers’ oil / Lines of life oil 


  • Soothes and calms restless subjects; 
  • Sedative, it induces sleep and improves its quality; 
  • Optimizing in some subjects; 
  • Strengthens the mind, helps to find self-confidence, after evacuating fear and anxiety. 


Rose Geranium – used in Lines of life oil 


The essential oil of Egyptian Geranium, or Rose Geranium, is widely used in skin care and is renowned for its tonic, purifying and repairing effects. Appreciated for its floral scent, it is wonderful for preparing skin care products for skin prone to pimples, imperfections or stretch marks. It is also an excellent active ingredient for anti-aging skin care products.


Fragonia – used in HAPPY

  • Fragonia is capable of recreating conditions of peace and harmony towards oneself, it facilitates reconciliation with one’s own “Self”; 
  • Free us from negative energies, destructive attitudes and old grudges that poison our minds and sometimes our bodies;   
  • Fosters reconciliation between people in conflict or who think only with the purpose of annihilating or defeating, dominating or subduing; 
  • By facilitating introspection, it improves the quality of psychoanalysis sessions and fosters dreams; 
  • Helps to stabilize emotions and regulate mood swings; 
  • Has an attractive and very seductive aromatic aura. 

Ho wood – used in SLEEP and Lines of life oil 

In well-being, the essential oil of Ho wood is known for its positive and relaxing for the nervous system properties.

Very similar to Rosewood, essential oil of Ho wood offers the same revitalizing and purifying properties on the skin. The essential oil of Ho wood is used to fight against the signs of skin aging and skin imperfections.


Noble chamomile – used in SLEEP 


A powerful soothing agent for the nervous system, Roman Chamomile is one of the best essential oils to relieve tension and help you relax. It is traditionally recommended to fight against stress, nervousness or anxiety. Roman chamomile essential oil also works wonders in case of insomnia or nightmares.


Hemlock – used in Lover’s oil 


  • Balancing;
  • Facilitates the letting go and dissipates anxiety;
  • It is often used to support transitions.  


Sweet orange – used in SLEEP 


  • Calming;
  • Provides real well-being and soothes tensions;
  • Rebalancing;
  • A good mood and optimism carrier. 


In diffusion, sweet orange essential oil helps to fight against sleep disorders. 


Shell Marjoram – used in HAPPY 


  • Calming virtues;
  • Relieves anxiety and stress;
  • Relaxing;
  • Helps to regulate sleep disorders;
  • Tonic properties, also used to strengthen the body.


With a fresh country scent, shell Marjoram essential oil diffuses perfectly to purify the ambient air.


Grapefruit – used in HAPPY 


  • Stimulating;
  • Encourages self-confidence;
  • Refocus the ideas.


Spray the Grapefruit essential oil with its invigorating properties to bring optimism and good mood.