Q : Have the 4T team members received a professional formation?

A : 4T team members are certified postnatal doulas.


Q : Are the herbs, plants and essential oils used safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

A : The herbs, plants and essential oils used in our products are safe during the postnatal period, that is after childbirth. Although essential oils are not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy, those used in our care and products are however safe during breastfeeding. 


Q : Is the use of essential oils near a baby safe?

A : We must always remain vigilant with the essential oils used at home. At 4T, all our products are carefully prepared with essential oils that are safe for the baby. However, it is important to rely on the indications labeled on each product, and never apply essential oils directly on the baby’s skin. 


Q : Can certain ingredients be contraindicated if they are consumed with other natural products?

A : It is always best to talk to your pharmacist or doctor before you combine medication with natural products.


Q : How long can I keep the products?

A : For all products containing essential oils, we recommend you to use them within 6 months. Beyond this period, the fragrance can fade slowly as well as the properties. For herbal teas and baths, we recommend you to use them within one year after purchase.


Q : Where do the basic products come from?

A : Our products are mostly purchased from local producers, and the majority of it, even those from other countries, are organic.


Q : Are your products tested on animals?

A : Absolutely not! We prefer vegan raw materials to make our products.


Q : What are the hygiene rules used when preparing products?

A : Before each preparation, we completely clean all work surfaces with a sanitizer. In addition, we use gloves for every products’ concoction and handling.


Q :  Can I take a bath after a c-section?

A : It is not recommended to take a bath after a c-section. We advise you to talk to your doctor before proceeding.


Q : Can I redeem or refund some products in the box?

A : In case of a broken products during transportation, or if you are not completely satisfied, we will proceed to an exchange or a refund. Please contact us for further details.


Q :  Is the payment process safe?

A :  The payment process via Paypal, credit card or bank transfer is safe and complies with all the company’s security rules.


Q : What are the delivery times for boxes?

A : Boxes are usually prepared upon order receipt or at the latest within 24 to 48 hours. They are routed via Canada Post on expedited service the next business day. For several major centers, it is also possible to receive the box via Purolator services with a corporate address (if you want to receive it at work, for example). For Montreal, everything can be done in 24 to 48 hours. Should you have any query, please contact us! 


Q : What are the delivery times for gift certificates?

A : It is possible to receive the gift certificate in PDF format within 24 hours following the order. Ideal for a last minute gift! Otherwise, the gift certificate will be posted via the regular mail service and it shall be received within 5 to 7 working days.


Q : I would like to order a box, but one of the products in it does not suit me. Is it possible to exchange it for another?

A : If the request is reasonable, it is possible to exchange one product with another product of equal or lower value. We ask you to contact us first to validate the information and ensure that it will be possible, but as our service is essentially client-centered and we want the new mom to be filled with joy, we are always open to this kind of request.


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