The interesting part about natural products is their versatility.

Yes, 4T’s products and care are mainly targeted for new mothers who have just given birth.

But the versatility of our products is so wonderful that often, the whole family can also enjoy it!  We avoid the waste and we finish all the little pots!

Lines of life oil, for example, can be used, thanks to the traditionally known properties of its ingredients, to reduce body stretch marks.  It helps restore firmness to tissues.

How to reuse —> This oil is also an excellent anti-wrinkle serum for the face!  Given its oily condition, use it at bedtime. The oil is aptly named…Lines of life!

The Reparator can be used to help heal the little sores of the whole family!  It doesn’t heat up and it speeds up the healing process. We appreciate its composition of organic ingredients!

How to reuse —> “Short of idea to finish your bottle?  Use the vaporizer as a skin tonic for the face as it contains the best anti-wrinkle hydrolate!  ” – Véronik Tanguay, ND, Hta, Aromatherapist

4T douceur mamelons

Breastfeeding is over, or has it become so comfortable that you wonder what to do with the rest of your little pot of moisturizer Softness – Nipples ?

How to reuse —> It’s the best hand cream in the world (we barely exaggerate)!  A small amount is enough to get over with chapped and dry hands.

Vapo Good Night, Sweet Dreams is without a doubt our most popular product.  Who doesn’t want to sleep well after all? A “pschitt” is enough to soothe and find sleep.

How to reuse —> “These hydrolats, which are gentle on the skin, can also be used to relieve redness or itchy skin for the whole family.” – Véronik Tanguay, ND, Hta, Aromatherapist

You change the baby diaper and notice a small patch of dry skin?  The double life of Softness – Baby Butt Cheeks will come to the rescue!  Apply a small amount to dry places and you’re done!  Bonus: baby will smell even better than usual! (We know … “It’s impossible, he already smells so good!” But yes, try it, you’ll see!)

4T bain avoine avec bébé

Our Oat bath is particularly special! Here is its secret: it is perfect FOR EVERYONE! Yes Yes! It makes the skin soft and leaves a delicate scent, whether you are a mother or not. We can spoil our loved ones by offering them a sachet or we put the older ones in the bath with the mixture of softness, quite simply.

Postpartum tea is also known for its anti-blues properties. We offer a cup to a girlfriend who feels a little less fit the past few days and we don’t hesitate to continue drinking it ourselves. Cheers!