Lochia and afterpains… A bit, a lot, passionately! 

Lochia and afterpains…

A bit, a lot, passionately! 


Since each postpartum is different, the amount of blood loss can be just as different. 


You see, I didn’t know that until I experienced it…. And I wasn’t really informed about the afterpains either. 


Does that mean anything to you, “afterpains and lochia”? 


We focus on preparing for childbirth, we laugh at the bad moms’ jokes. But what about the physical pains specific to the postpartum period, in addition to the fact that you know very well that your vagina will hurt? 




That really sounds like a name for a little Japanese stuffed animal, doesn’t it? It’s actually quite a bit less cute. This refers to the bleeding that follows childbirth. It lasts about two weeks and we go through several stages and colors. It can also last longer, up to a month even for some women.


For the first 2-3 days, my solution, not zero waste at all, was to wear incontinence pants. I used a whole package on my two childbirths. I found it much more comfortable than sanitary napkins and above all, I was so afraid of staining my sofa or bed! I’m a little too much Mrs. Clean, I think…. Hahahaha


Anyway, sometimes it can look like small clots and others… big ones. Let’s just say it’s surprising when you expect to bleed a little or at worst, like during your “big day of menstruation”. And sometimes it’s really not as bad. The important thing is to know that it can happen and to normalize it all! 


Maman pour la vie details the entire process in this article. (French only)


Involution aka afterpains


Ah, the cramps. You spent nine months expanding and now, remarkably, your uterus is shrinking back to its normal size. This six-week process, called “involution,” can sometimes be a painful one. Also referred to as afterpains—short, sharp, cramps that you may feel in your abdomen a couple of days after giving birth, often while nursing—are the sensation of your uterus contracting, which helps expel blood clots.


Some first-time moms may not notice these contractions at all. But many moms of multiple kids report that afterpains can get worse with each baby you deliver.


A good example that proves that each postpartum is different, personally, in my first postpartum, the lochia lasted super long and it was abundantly scary! But zero afterpains! 


During my second postpartum, I had lochia for a few days… but HELLO afterpains! 


Like, I expected to bleed my life out in my 2nd postpartum because that’s what I knew, but in the end, we should never underestimate our body and the surprises it can bring us! 


What about you? What have been your experiences on these two lovely intimate topics? 😉