It’s been 9 months since you’ve eaten sushi or raw milk cheese … You’re dreaming of a tartare from the birthplace!  It is tempting, it is true, but however very little advised.

A proper nutrition after childbirth is very important. Why?

Because it facilitates digestion and prevents constipation problems…trust us, immediately after giving birth, it’s the last thing a mother wants!

Foods are also chosen to soothe the nervous system, comfort, but also fill the void left inside your body after childbirth.

According to Ayurveda, ancestral Chinese medicine, the goal is to fill the void created by birth with specific types of foods and a soft and sweet cuisine.

Here are some ideas that should already be considered when filling the freezer before childbirth.

Preferences should be given to warm, moist food: cook pasta a little longer, consume slightly creamier rice and creamy oatmeal. 

Add oil to almost any meal for at least three weeks; avocado oil, sesame oil or coconut oil. One tablespoon per meal. Decrease gradually over the weeks to return to normal around six weeks postpartum. It helps to “oil” the inside of the body…so you won’t have difficulties to go poop! Haha

Choose, for example: 

  • Savory, naturally sweetened (dates, maple syrup) and sour tastes.  
  • Soothing food for body and mind: hot milk, hot soup, freshly baked bread, hot cereals, hot tea … 
  • The following spices: cardamom, caraway, ginger, clove, turmeric, cinnamon.  
  • Fruits will preferably be cooked.


  • Raw food, such as salads, raw vegetables, cold drinks and fruits that are not ripe.  All of this is very difficult to digest after giving birth.
  • Dairy products, to be reintegrated gently after 1 or 2 weeks.
  • Coffee and sweets (refined sugar, commercial biscuits, cakes).  Want chocolate? Use raw cacao, dark chocolate, or even some carob powder or nuggets.

It seems a lot, but at the same time, your body has just suffered an intense shock, we must help him a few more days to recover his full potential!

And finally, sweet, soft, hot … it’s very easy when you think about it!